Geotechnical sensors

Automated systems for monitoring the condition of buildings, structures and ground masses are now widespread. Such systems are implemented at mining enterprises, hydropower facilities, port facilities, skyscrapers and stadiums, increasing safety and efficiency of operation.



A key component of these systems are sensors that can detect changes in various physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, tilt angle and others. Sensors can be mounted either on the surface of objects or embedded in the object itself.

Sensor design


Each specific environment and operating conditions requires a specialised sensor design to provide the necessary reliability and accuracy. As a result, measurement equipment manufacturers offer a wide range of sensors designed for use in a variety of applications including mining, building structures and extreme climatic conditions.

Sensor selection


Selecting the right sensors is one of the most important tasks during the design phase of a monitoring project, where the requirements for accuracy and measurement range must be considered. It also takes into account the planned mode of operation, compatibility with other data acquisition systems, the installation and maintenance capabilities of the equipment, and the duration of the observations.


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